Featured Ambassadors

Meet our badass team of adventurers, product testers, entrepreneurs, and content creators. Meet the Gregory Ambassador Team.

Jacey West

Jacey is an outdoor enthusiast living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. She is a hiker, camper, creative entrepreneur, imperfect environmentalist, and lifelong learner. Self-described as an adventurous homebody, her goal is to show that there is no right way to be "outdoorsy" and inspire people to find adventure, and balance, in their everyday life.

Noah Cozzie

Noah is a 27-year-old professional ski patroller and paramedic living and exploring in Utah. On his days off he loves getting into the mountains - climbing/hiking in the warmer months and ski touring in the winter months. Photography has been a side pursuit of his that allows him to share his adventures with his community. He also has an 8-month-old Labrador named Finn who is a certified avalanche search & rescue dog.

Evan Hendricks & Melanny Rendon

Evan and Melanny are outdoor adventure photographers, videographers, mountain bikers, and dog lovers. Whether on two feet or two wheels, they can often be found exploring trails all over North America and always with their dog leading the way. They grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA but have lived on the road full time since 2019. You can always count on Melanny to be carrying a pack full of snacks while Evan carries the heavy gear.

Nathan Menezes

Nathan is an Occupational Therapist by day and an outdoor adventurer after hours! He enjoys hiking, paddling, camping, cycling, climbing, and skiing in the Canadian Rockies. He often retreats to the outdoors as means to renew and refresh the mind and soul.

Stephanie McNulty

Stephanie is a mom to 3 wild children, travel photographer, soon to be nurse practitioner, avid backpacker, and wannabe mountaineer. She fell in love with the mountains as a young mom and has been chasing them ever since. She's been taking her kids backpacking and climbing mountains since they were babies and finds that the best way to truly connect as a family is outside on an adventure. Removing distractions and venturing to places where cell service doesn’t reach is where the real magic happens. She believes that fostering a deep love for wild places is the only way the next generation will take action to protect and conserve our planet. Stephanie also leads ladies backpacking trips to empower other women, assist them in realizing their own strength, and reconnect them with their pre-kid selves. You can usually find her on the trail somewhere with a baby on her back, kids in tow, and packing snacks for days.

Vernan Kee

Vernan Kee is a Diné Graphic Designer from Shiprock, NM. A graduate of a Bachelors in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California-San Diego and actively working as a freelance designer. Designing is his passion and is constantly inspired by his surroundings. Pulling from traditions of the past and creating designs with modern techniques. Specializing in typography, illustration, branding and print design.

Andy Neal

Andy is a plus-size hiker, backpacker, and avid outdoors person who discovered the outdoors after graduating from film school at age 37. Growing up in Southern California and Las Vegas as a stereotypical city kid Andy’s newfound love of hiking led him to start The Hiker Podcast, a weekly show that explores how hiking has changed people and how those people are changing the world around them.

Lea Dawn

Lead Dawn is an outdoor enthusiast passionate about empowering and educating women to get outside. She loves backpacking, hiking, camping, running, and anything outdoors. You can expect to see her on the most remote trails and in local coffee shops.

Jenny Bruso

Jenny is a writer and a hiker with a passion for bringing people together. In 2016, she founded Unlikely Hikers, an outdoor community for all folks underrepresented in outdoor culture with an extra focus on plus-size and queer adventurers. Her proudest moments have been thru-hiking the Salkantay in Peru and partnering with Gregory for the first-ever line of plus-size packs. She dreams of becoming an author.

Nick Tortajada

Nick is a professional photographer and content creator specializing in shooting outdoor adventures. He is an avid backpacker, hiker, camper, and mountain bike faller-off-er (and considers that a skill!). He believes that life is best when shared, a philosophy that led him to create The Adventure Dispatch - a website to connect with the community, learn from others, share what he’s learned, and hopefully inspire people to live their best outdoor lives. He is a firm believer that every occasion has its perfect backpack match and happily admits he may have a problem.

Logan Reavis

Logan is a content creator based out of Oregon. She enjoys day hiking, pack packing, and spending time exploring what the PNW has to offer. When she’s not out exploring, you can find her gardening, spending time with her two dogs, and experimenting with bread baking.

Ana Alacórn

Ana is a lover of movement and the outdoors. You can find her running, hiking, or traveling around the world. She was born in the US but grew up in Mexico and has lived in 3 countries and traveled to about 32. She loves eating out, a good cold beer, and a sunset along with her favorite people. Her goal this year is to visit Japan for the first time and run the New York City Marathon.

Olivia Tati

Olivia is 28 years old and has already traveled to over 50 countries. She is passionate about pushing her own personal boundaries, exploring the world, and having an absolute blast doing it. She quit her corporate engineering job so that she could fully immerse herself in her real estate career and spend time creating beautiful spaces for people to vacation at near national parks. Whenever she’s not being a busy body you can find her exploring the great outdoors with her favorite adventure pup or hopping on a plane across the world.

Sandra Khoury

The mountain lifestyle is a space Sandra fell into in her late 20s, and she hasn't looked back since. You can always find her somewhere in the Canadian Rockies - backpacking, cycling, and hiking in the summers, downhill and backcountry skiing in the winters. When not exploring her backyard, she enjoys traveling to new places and documenting each adventure along the way.


If you love to play outdoors, explore the world, sit around the campfire, get dirty on the trail, cheers on mountain tops…then you are just the one we’ve been looking for! While there are not always openings on our squad, we are always accepting applicants who are passionate about the outdoors to join the Gregory Pack.

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