Gregory Fit Philosophy

Design Philosophy

In 1977 we started building packs around one simple, but groundbreaking philosophy: a properly designed pack is worn, not carried. Proper design means proper fit, and when a pack fits the right way, it works with you, not against you, saving energy and opening a whole new world of comfort you may never have thought possible. This philosophy of bag design permeates every stage of product design at Gregory, and results in the industry’s best-fitting packs for every pursuit.

Award Winning Comfort

We all pay close attention when trying on a new pair of shoes, making sure they fit the length, arch curvature and width of our feet. You should think about a new pack in the same way, considering torso length, body shape, harness comfort, and support for the load you’ll be carrying. Every Gregory pack features load-bearing curvature built into the backpanel, designed to match the shape of your spine in the same manner as proper arch support matches your feet. Since 1977, we have won countless awards around the world for our leadership, focus and understanding of body geometry and load transfer. Our goal is and always has been to deliver the most comfortable packs in the world.

Energy Savings

In our experience, the less energy you use with every step, the more you’ll enjoy the journey. Sometimes this means knocking out a few more miles of trail than you expected; other times it’s about having more fuel in the tank at the end of the day to fire up the BBQ and share the experience with friends. Either way, it’s easy to see why energy efficiency is at the heart of our design approach— it’s a huge factor that’s often left by the wayside in gear design. Until you experience a properly designed and properly fitted pack, you’ll never know how great your next journey could be.


Torso/Back Length Sizing

A common misperception is the assumption that because you wear a large T-shirt, a size large backpack is your proper size. This is simply not the case. Torso length runs independent from overall height, meaning two people of the same height and weight may be as far as two pack sizes apart. Taking just a few minutes to accurately measure your torso length ensures you’ll make the best choice within any given series of Gregory packs. Follow these three simple steps to identify your torso length, and commit your torso measurement to memory just as you do your shoe size. Fully grown adults should only have to do this once in their lives, and the fit chart below will help you select the correct size in any Gregory pack style you choose.


Hipbelt Sizing

While we optimize every Gregory pack to fit most body shapes and sizes, certain collections have interchangeable hipbelts or adjustable hipbelt lengths to help you find the perfect fit. A simple rule of thumb is that the ideal distance between the ends of the hipbelt pads after tightening should be 3 to 5 inches. However, the most important criteria are that the hipbelt wraps clear over the side of your body and that it rests 1 inch above your iliac crest. This allows proper load transfer to your skeletal structure, which maximizes comfort and minimizes energy expenditure.

Harness Sizing

There’s no need to over-complicate shoulder harness fit. We carefully engineer every one of our products to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes, and the harness lengths are proportional to the pack height, so they almost always fit perfectly. Just try on the pack, adjust the hipbelt, and then adjust the harness. If it feels good, great! Our Deva and Baltoro packs have customizable, interchangeable harnesses for achieving the next level of precision fit. To determine if you need a different harness size in a Deva or Baltoro, first ensure your torso length is correct and the hipbelt is properly positioned, then put some weight in the pack and tighten the harness. If the harness feels uncomfortable or the padding portion of the harness does not extend to the region on the side of your body directly below your armpit, simply swap out for a larger or smaller harness size with your local Gregory retailer.