Packs & Bags
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  • The 3D Hydro is reinventing how you hike and hydrate with an innovative design for backpacking, hiking and basecamp.
  • Keep dirt and dust out of your hydration system with the Bite Valve Cover. Compatible with all of Gregory’s 3D Hydro Reservoirs.
  • Carry-on sized travel pack perfect for days, weeks or months away.
  • An extended travel bag with room for that extra layer, camera lens or climbing harness.
  • Explore the world with the Juxt 28, perfect for keeping your tech accessible and protected.
  • The Juxt 34 is the ultimate digital nomad: built around a hybrid trail suspension and equipped with a removable electronics caddy.
  • A perfect combination of strength and functionality, the Supply 40 is perfect for quick weekend adventures.
  • The Supply 60 is the best all-around size duffel, combined with a Kevlar® reinforced bottom panel to protect all your gear.
  • The adventure-ready Supply 90 combines functionality and strength with the Kevlar® reinforced bottom panel.
  • Go big or go home with the Supply 120, big enough to fit almost any gear and durable enough to protect it.
  • A done-in-a-day backcountry pack for quick trips and quests for untouched side country stashes.
  • The perfect size for day excursions with a game-changing ski-carry without removing your pack.
  • The 45 is superb for long days in the backcountry (with an ingenious attachment system to stow your skis without removing the pack).
  • The ideal pack for a long weekend with enough capacity to extend your trip.
    $224.96 $299.95
  • Designed to be the ultimate multi-day backpacking pack.
    $247.46 $329.95
  • A large capacity pack for backpacking trips that require a little extra space.
    $262.46 $349.95
  • A four-season mountain hauler for extended backcountry trips.
    $284.96 $379.95
  • Built for long weekends and beyond when comfort, fit and features are all on your priority list.
    $224.96 $299.95