Do it. Take a day, or a week, or a month, or a whole season and do what you’ve been saying you would for years: hit the trail. We guarantee that when you come back—if you come back—you’ll be a different person.
But before you go, be sure you’re ready for the journey. Ready for endless miles of winding singletrack, sun-baked desert, hushed forest trails, heavenly mountain passes and hard, gritty pavement. It will take confidence—not only in yourself, but in your gear.
That’s why we’ve poured every ounce of experience, knowledge, and technology we possess into designing and engineering the Baltoro and Deva series of packs—to give you the ultimate in backpacking comfort, performance, and style.
Welcome to the rebirth of a classic.
Welcome to the new Baltoro and Deva series.


Wander packs give our youngest customers the same Gregory fit, function, and quality on all manner of adventures. We’ve expanded the series this year with the addition of a 38L size, and redesigned the existing 50L and 70L styles. We’ve also consolidated the adjustable torso technically into a single size offering to simplify the park selection process. The trail is the perfect place to engage the imagination and build appreciation for the outdoors, and we are committed to making those first experiences positive and memorable.


There’s a train waiting for you at an outback station in Australia. There’s a refugio at the ready in the Dolomites, a hostel in Amsterdam, and a deserted stretch of coastline beckoning from Brazil. There are lush rainforest trails in Oregon, rocky outcrops in the Adirondacks, even a campsite in the hills behind your home, ready to welcome you and your friends for a day, a night, a weekend, or longer.
But you’ll never know if you don’t go.
We designed the Gregory Stout and Amber to open the doors of possibility, to offer you the unrivaled joy of mountain vistas, starlit nights, sunny days, and adventures in unfamiliar locales. Ready for the trail and packed to the brim with value, the Stout and Amber let you connect with the outdoors, charge up on good times, and share unforgettable experiences with those close to you.


The Zulu and Jade replace the Z/J series for 2016, and these streamlined, updated, lightweight packs feature a redesigned, low-profile CrossFlo ventilated suspension, improved shoulder harness design, and a new lumbar platform that provides increased comfort in all terrain. Lower profile cargo compartments improve balance while a new front stretch pocket makes it easier to grab and stash gear on the go. Meanwhile, we added new fabrics and reinforcements to increase durability, and we flipped the U-zipper main access panel upside down for easier packing and unloading.


Deciding on a day hike is easy—just point your toes toward the nearest trailhead or head out the door for a loop through the park. With the all-new Salvo and Sula packs, we’ve made finding proper fit, function, and up-to-the-minute technology in a dayhiking pack just as intuitive. These packs are all about moving fast, cool, and light with zero stress, thanks to straightforward adjustments, low-profile FreeSpan suspension, and ventilated harness and hipbelt straps. Their versatile array of compartments and features give you confidence for any adventure, and their bright, edgy designs stand out from the trail crowd.
So go ahead—grab a Salvo or Sula pack and hit the ground running. They’ll be ready when you are.


Our Miwok and Maya packs exemplify clean, athletic design, with thoughtful features and a fit that adapts and conforms for consistent performance in all terrain. BioSync suspension features flexible tendons that move with as you bag peaks, shred singletrack, or sprint from summit to summit. New fabrics and thoughful design updates make these packs even lighter and more intuitive to use on the trail, and upgraded to the Biosync suspensions make them more comfortable than ever before.


The Gregory Alpine and Ski series are the result of 35 years of experience in pack design and engineering, bringing the best of our knowledge and expertise to face the most demanding conditions on the planet. Our partnerships with top mountain athletes combined with real-world field testing in demanding locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia have created fully optimized packs for modern mountaineering and alpine adventures.
Through time-tested technology and a focus on alpine needs, we deliver four pack series, each committed to on-mountain reliability, performance, and customization. With a variety of pack sizes to accommodate any mountain pursuit, the Denali, Verte, Alpinisto, and Targhee packs combine to create the complete alpine toolbox.


The Stash Series duffels deliver durable, packable, portable gear transportation in a lightweight format, making them ideal in situations from the exotic to the everyday. Their clean designs, compactable materials, and included stuff sacks allow them to stow almost anywhere, giving you additional luggage space on trips with fluctuating demands. Pack straps allow comfortable carry even in demanding situations, and reinforced construction gives every Stash Series duffel the resilience required for day-in, day-out use.


Our redesigned expedition duffels are lighter than ever without sacrificing durability or water resistance, thanks to a new TPU-coated, diamond-weave-reinforced body fabric that’s far more abrasion- and tear-resistant gram for gram than its predecessor. Strength is maintained throughout via double-backed bar tacks, topstitched stress points, and a double-lined high-density nylon bottom panel, while nylon fabric binding over generous seam allowances means your gear can’t create wear issues from the inside out. From basecamp supply routes to the back of your truck, there’s no terrain or task the Alpaca Series can’t handle.


The new Grandeur Series offers an exciting way to find the perfect everyday pack. Three backpacks, each built with the same Gregory comfort and similar overall dimensions, offer three different feature sets to fit your outdoor active, urban, or technical style. Office organization in every pack allows them to transition seamlessly from work or school to play, whether that means hitting the gym, chalking up at the crag, or navigating the urban jungle.


Adventures don’t stop where the trail ends, and neither does the need for a reliable way to haul your gear. We created the Gregory Aspect series to meet the demands of everyday life, designing each style to make your daily adventures as enjoyable as your weekend excursions. These versatile, progressive haulers are the favorites of those who share our admiration for clean lines, intelligent organization and comfortable carry.