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Gregory Aerolon Technology


  • Born from our Response A3 Suspension designed for the Baltoro and Deva, the Aerolon adjustable suspension utilizes an ultra-light 7mm Hollow 7001 aluminum frame with entirely new geometry and flexibility characteristics that gives the chassis its ability to span multiple Torso sizes without compromising the perfect fit to your back shape. The new stay curvature and aluminum flexibility we’ve engineered into the system accommodates 4” of torso adjustment to efficiently link the load of the pack to ensure you still get the superior fit and comfort expected from a Gregory suspension.


A - Aerolon Suspension
A customized lightweight 7001 aluminum chassis design to deliver uncompromised ventilation and load stabilizing trail performance to reduce energy expenditure on the trail.

B - Matrix Ventilation System
A foam-matrix backpanel structure encapsulated by breathable mesh to provide air flow and moisture evaporation, in order to reduce energy expenditure and increase comfort

C - Quickadjust Hipbelts and Back Height
Aprovide the perfect fit every time, while the unique hipbelt adjustment allow the hipbelt pockets to move with the adjustment to maintain easy pocket access

D - Gripton Lumbar Pad
With soft-molded silicon gription pad technology for enhanced load transfer and energy savings.

E - 3D Shoulder Harness & Hipbelt
With dual density LIfeSpan EVA foam construction for an amazingly cush ride in a sub-four pound pack.

Gregory Packs Aerolon Technology

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