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Gregory BioSync ATS Technology


  • BioSync Active Trail Suspension offers the flexibility and shock absorption required for active, fast-paced trail use, in a lightweight, durable suspension system that has no moving parts.
    BioSync ATS is designed to mimic human joint construction by using a series of flexible synthetic connectors to join the shoulder harness and hipbelt to the pack frame, just like tendons join muscle to bone in the body. This allows the harness and hipbelt to flex and move independently of the pack without reducing load support, meaning you can run, jump, ride, scramble, and climb freely while your gear stays secure and balanced on your back. The elimination of rigid parts not only simplifies the system and increases durability, but creates a more direct connection between the user and the equipment.


A - Flexible Tendons
Flexible tendons attach shoulder harness and hipbelt to the pack keeping it balanced to move with the body in motion.

B - Curved Backpanel
For ideal fit and optimal weight transfer..

C - Wide Hipbelt
Adds stability helping to more efficiently distribute the weight.

D - Moisture Wicking
Harness and Hipbelt are moisture-wicking to help you stay dry.

E - Die-Cut Foam
Die-cut foam on the backpanel adds breathability and decreases weight.

Gregory Packs BioSync ATS Technology

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