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Gregory Crossflo DTS Technology


  • CrossFlo Dynamic Transfer Suspension creates a physical space between the user’s back and the pack itself, offering unparalleled ventilation for improved temperature management in all climates and conditions.
    CrossFlo DTS is a revolutionary suspension design that creates a visible space between the user and the pack, without sacrificing the exceptional load management for which Gregory is known. A tensioned steel wire frame arcs over an open mesh back panel, supporting the contents of the pack without ever coming in contact with the wearer. Meanwhile, the unique DTS harness yoke transfers top-down load forces outward to the frame, which reacts with opposing force to stiffen the system as the pack gets heavier. Since the mesh back panel and the harness straps are the only points of contact, air flows freely around the torso. This translates not only to better ventilation in hot weather, but to improved breathability of waterproof outerwear in cold and wet conditions as well.


A - Lightweight Wire X-Frame
Provides superior load transfer directly to the lumbar pad and hipbelt.

B - Dynamic Yoke
Integrates the shoulder harness directly to the X-Frame, activating the suspension as the weight increases to automatically balance flexibility and stiffness in the frame.

C - Suspended Mesh Back Panel
Provides superior ventilation.

D - Ventilated Die-Cut EVA Foam
Located on harness and hipbelt, it adds breathability and decreases weight.

E - HDPE Frame sheet with Anti-Barreling Stay

Gregory Packs Crossflo DTS Technology

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