Gregory Fluid Mechanics Technology


  • Fluid Mechanics is a design philosophy that focuses on a runner's primary trail needs: water, fuel, gear, and efficient freedom of motion. It combines Wraptor stabilizing technology with designs that match male and female body geometry for ultimate fit, comfort, and stability.
    Using our knowledge of body geometry, we shape both the compartments and the harnesses for optimal fit and minimal restriction, so the load remains comfortable hour after hour without chafing or binding. We adapt each design to the distinct hip angles and chest lines of male and female forms, allowing the runner to maintain a natural, energy-efficient stride and unencumbered arm swing.


A - Soft
Next-to-skin materials for reduced chafe and irritation.

B - Deep and Wide Accessory Pockets
For easy access.

C - Improved Harness
Improved ergonomics to eliminate interference with arm swing.

D - Better Hydration
Hydration hose management with a magnetic harness clip.

E - Weathershield
Water- and sweat-resistant protection for your electronics.

* - Wraptor Technology
Keeps our running packs sitting soundly on the shoulders with no bounce or stride-killing side-to-side shift. The multiple-anchor compression strap pulley system lets the user cinch the pack up and around the rib cage with one pull, creating stability without the need for a hipbelt.

Gregory Packs Fluid Mechanics Technology

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