Gregory FreeSpan Technology


  • Our all-new FreeSpan ventilated suspension utilizes a proprietary leaf spring lumbar support integrated into a spring steel perimeter frame, allowing for total flow-through ventilation while maximizing interior bag volume. A ventilated lumbar pad and ventilated harness help to further improve airflow, while low-profile cushioning keeps the weight of the pack tucked in tight to the lower back for improved stability and load-bearing comfort.


A - Low Profile Freespan Ventilation Depth
Maximizes pack capacity while keeping the load close to your back.

B - Ventilated Lifespan
EVA Shoulder harness foam.

C - Ventilated High-Comfort
EVA hip belt foam.

D - Lightweight Perimeter Wire Frame
With Lumbar "Leaf Spring" design for all day support and comfort.

Gregory Packs FreeSpan Technology

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